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At Cunneen Commercial Vehicle Solutions we specialise in the design and manufacture of tilt and slide bodies. The tilt and slide body is built for various vehicle transportation and emergency recovery services. The business prides itself in catering for the customers individual needs in the design and workings of the product. We use high quality materials designed to improve the lifespan of the product. We supply a full in house service to our customers that ensures the product is tested, ready and safe for use on our Irish roads.
The unique selling point of our product, unlike other competitors is allowing our customers to play a big part in the design features of the tilt and slide body. In doing so, it gives the customer the satisfaction that the recovery body they are receiving conforms to their needs. This flexibility that we provide gives us a strong competitive advantage.
In the design of our tilt and slide body we are working towards a corrosion and near maintenance free product. To date every three to five years a recovery body will require corrosion maintenance to the body. In the design of our product the materials that we use will double the time before maintenance is required. In turn, the cost of this maintenance will also be halved for the customer. As previously mentioned, the unique aspect of the business is the flexibility around the customers needs. We tailor the product to fit our customers preferences, unlike others who work off a fixed model design.

For the past five years we have built, trialed and tested our products for our customers. We have developed a positive relationship with our customers and are building a reputation in the recovery community for high quality, custom made products that we provide.
Shanco, Crossakiel, Kells, Co. Meath, Ireland, A82 V212
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Office: 046 9243000
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